Black Harts Tailgate for 7/29/17: Goodbye Bobby

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Black Harts are bidding a fond farewell to the first and only home our ATL UTD has ever known, Bobby Dodd.
We face some team from Florida, so we looked up the best things about Florida, and Google just shrugged. We got together and thought about it and decided that it was probably beaches. Beaches have sand. So, rather than serve our friends sand, we decided to go with sandwiches. Whats the most Floridian sandwich? No, not mayonnaise on bread. Rather, Cuban Sandwiches. So we will be smoking pork, slicing up ham and pickles, and pressing sandwiches at the tailgate. We will use the leftover pickle juice with some vodka for Plastic Cup Dill Pickle Martinis. Oh, you like vodka? We will have FOUR taps this week, the first two will be Red Brick Brewing Co. beer, the next two will be vodka cocktails brought to you by our new liquor sponsor, DeLos Vodka! They will also supply bottles for shots, pickle backs, or to toss in with your favorite mixer that you bring. We will cook up Mexican Street Corn to go with the sandwiches.
Let’s welcome everyone we know, up to and including Orlando fans, and show real Southern Hospitality. Come early to make sure you get to eat, and have all the beer and vodka you want!
Please share this event! Bring a chair and a donation towards the food and beverages and enjoy a fun, casual, friendly BH tailgate.

For more info check out the Facebook event page!

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