Black Harts Announce New Membership Levels

For 2015 and 2016, Black Harts membership was a “just show up” type of situation. In 2017, with tailgates and games coming up, we need to make our system a bit more official. We are proud to announce 3 ways to become an official Black Hart

  1. Red Membership – To become a red member, come to a tailgate, fill out our membership form and pay your $1 registration fee.
  2. Black Membership – Black membership requires the form, and a $20 registration. You will be given a stylish, soft, and comfy Black Harts t-shirt.
  3. Gold Membership – This is special. SO SPECIAL. With our premiere $200 package, you get… Access to the tailgates, a Black Harts t-shirt with your name embroidered on the sleeve in gold, free beer at the tailgates. But most importantly, you get the knowledge that you have made a huge contribution to Black Harts!

We would love to have you as a member!

Also, we are open to sponsorships at this time. Please contact us.

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